yarukage's Journal

16 March
Hello :) You may call me Ruth, Ayumi, Hana-chan or Sena. Based on that, you will probably not be surprised to know I a. am completely obsessed with anime and b. consider myself to be somewhat on the insane edge of normal. But from what I can tell, so do approximately 95% of teenagers on the internet today, so we shall ignore that for now. The anime obsession, however, is entirely relevant, since I think you will find anime and manga compose pretty much all my hobbies. I watch anime, read manga, write and read fanfics and draw manga-style art. Once, I had a life, but that is lost in the mists of time. (kukuku) Getting back to the subject of ME, I am a soon-to-be-fifteen-year-old yaoi fangirl who really objects to having to log in and out to read smut. Damn, why are all sites so anti-perverted-minors?
Anyhoodles, I'm going to mostly use this account to
a. show off my (possibly) wonderful writing skills, both original fiction and the occasional fanfic
b. babble aimlessly about things I've enjoyed watching/reading recently
c. occaisionally squeeeeee about something or other rather uninteresting to everyone else but that makes me happy.
d. irritate people with my constant hyperness between the hours of 1600-300 (1300-500 on weekends and holidays)
e. have a mature and adult conversation about...well, whatever. Or just squeee.
What I will hopefully not be doing is bitching, being emo (not that there's anything wrong with emo blogging, I just don't plan on doing it) or randomly insulting your views. I said HOPEFULLY.
One last warning. If you don't like anime much, you may find talking to me very boring and confusing.
On which note, I have babbled on quite far enough.
Ja ne!